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Why Marked?

What’s the meaning behind the name Marked? In our own communities and abroad, women are being marked by statistics of violence, fear and death. Issues such as domestic violence, human trafficking, incarceration and armed conflict affect women every day. If we’re not careful, these statistics can become or remain just numbers to us, relegating women to data. We simply believe that NO woman, anywhere should be marked by these statistics of pain. We know that women are designed to be marked by life, marked by a future, and marked by HOPE. 

2017 Marked Theme: defiant hope

In our home cities and all around the world, women are experiencing violence, pain, poverty and victimization at alarming rates. We never want women to be marked by these truths. We believe women should ONLY be marked by a future, marked by life, and marked by HOPE.  

How do we build a road from what is to what we desire? How do we begin to make things different when the problems are SO big?

DEFIANT: Boldly resistant or challenging.

HOPE: feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen

Defiant Hope is joyful resistance to the reality of the world the way it is. Defiant Hope is a deep and unwavering strength on behalf of those who are hurting. Defiant Hope is believing that OKC can be a part of seeing women everywhere marked by HOPE.

Join us at Marked 2017 for an amazing day learning to walk in Defiant Hope.


1:30 - 2:15    Opening Session

2:15 - 3:00     Table Activities, Session 2

3:00 - 4:30     Interactive Learning Activities

     Interactive Prayer Room

     Partner Agency Fair & Market

4:30 - 5:00     Panel Discussion

5:00 - 6:00     Dinner, Closing Session

Discussion and interaction are central to the Marked experience. That’s why seating is intentionally grouped by tables and each table will have a Marked Ambassador. Ambassadors will guide their group through the schedule, answer any questions their group may have, and will facilitate discussion during appropriate parts of the conference agenda.
You will have plenty of time to participate individually as through listening to speakers, taking notes and/or contemplating your response to issues that are addressed. Your group will be a place you can share ideas, ask questions and encourage others in addition to your individual experience!


Come as a group from school, work, church, or any where else you know each other! This is a great experience for pre-formed groups because you can discuss how the information you are learning can be applied in your particular context.   Tables have a seating maximum of 8.

If you want to attend as a group, register in one of the following ways:

1. Each participant buys an individual tickets and writes in your Ambassador’s name when prompted.

2. One person buys a table for a discounted cost per person and writes in your Ambassador’s name when prompted. If one group member purchases a table, you do not have to register the other individuals at the table prior to the event.

Don’t have an Ambassador yet? Contact to be assigned an Ambassador or assign the Ambassador role to someone in your group.


This is a great event to meet like-minded individuals in your city who care about their own communities and communities around the world!

To attend as an individual, simply follow the link to register.

1. Come as an Individual. We're so glad you are coming! We will match you with an ambassador based off information from your ticket purchase. If you do not have plans to attend with a specific Ambassador, but you would like to be seated at a table with other individuals purchasing tickets, please write in their names when prompted during ticket purchase.

2. If you have been invited by a Marked Ambassador, simply write their name in when prompted. If you do not have plans to attend with a particular Ambassador, we’re excited to place you with a group that will be a great fit for you!



Marked 2017:
1:30PM - 6PM


Tickets for a table, $140

Tickets for an individual, $25

Still have questions about MARKED?

Send an email to or fill out our contact form.