We simply believe that NO woman, anywhere should be marked by statistics of pain. We believe that women are marked by hope, marked by a future, and marked by promise.

We invite followers of Christ to journey together in making real and lasting change in issues challenging women around the world. In our own communities and abroad, women are being marked by statistics of violence, fear and death. Issues such as domestic violence, human trafficking, incarceration and armed conflict affect women every day. We simply believe that women should only be marked by love, hope and a future.


The Marked conference is designed to be experienced as a group.

Specially selected group leaders called Marked Ambassadors have been prepared to lead groups of 5-8 people through the event. Our hope is to ignite discussion and bring action to the ideas presented as they relate to us as individuals, as well as in out group's particular context (neighborhood, business, school, church, residents of the same city, etc.).
Don't have a group? No problem! We will match you with a great Ambassador.



Find out about the 2017 Marked event theme and details.

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